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Greetings all, this one’ll be

—If you are receiving this note, you’re now upgraded to my Premium Substack channel fo FREE.


Because you are one of the hero-folks who always goes to bat for me with books, podcasts, talks, shares on social, or supports whatever hustle I throw myself into.

Many of you have already subscribed for the $5.99/month subscription. Absolutely cancel if you’d like, though I will say that every $dollar helps us “keep the lights on.”

So what’s this mean for you?

El Skinny:

From now on, only premium members will get access to ^numero dos.

Why? Because these are ideas I am testing. They’re early versions of what I plan to write about further—in online mags, essay anthologies, future books, etc…

How do I test?
  1. If you hit the “❤️” at the end, or share it, I know it was an interesting idea

  2. And I take your silence as: “it’s trash!”

—I trust y’all and your insights.

Part two of the Sweet Commotion series (on why “Privacy overload” is eroding our mental health) is coming soon. And that’s one I’m going to pitch to some of my friends at mags in New York, so do let me know your thoughts.

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So to recap: nothing you need to do! If you’d like to subscribe, you still can. If you want to cancel and enjoy the benefits of being “grandfathered in” that's cool too.

And I promise: this newsletter will never become a spam factory.

The most you’ll hear from me on here is once or twice a week…


Here’s a sneak peek from part two:

“In what feels like being trapped in a global zoom-room, where I can not wear pants and you would never know, I find myself wishing for an excuse to put them on. Who wants to live in a world of sweatpants only? Comfort loses its value unless there is some discomfort to stack up against. The need is base and primal. We need both a private apartment and a 5th Avenue to strut on.”

🙋🏼‍♂️ Hasta el próximo!

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